The Inarco Group operates in the world of construction since the far 1969.

Thanks to the great spirit of initiative and a dynamic management of the activity, the Group has developed during the years and has now reached a solid structure, consisting of highly qualified and professional personnel, with state of the art organisational criteria, operational instruments and technologies, which are able to satisfy the market needs with high value results.

With the aim to diversify its focus, the Inarco Group has given life to a heterogeneous shareholder structure. A part from the construction branch, the company branches include the creation and management of city parkings through project financing and the real estate management of flats and property commercial funds.

With an eye towards an economic and productive expansion on an international level, the Group has founded a company with an English legal form with headquarters in London: the Inarco Investment Limited.


Sharing a path, reaching a common aim, expanding our horizons, receiving the esteem of our present and future costumers: this is the proof of the quality of our work, which is projected towards the satisfaction of the needs and necessities of the community, with a growing attention to the respect for the environment and the quality of life.



The Group peculiarity is that it is endowed with an internal modern and dynamic structure, which is able to satisfy all the clients’ requests and needs, thanks to the assistance and the variety of services it offers.

The staff is composed by specialized and constantly up-to-date personnel in the various fields of competence.

Our project managers are able to carry out a series of processes such as budgeting, process planning, ongoing monitoring of the progresses; in addition to this, we take care of the relationship with the client, with the company management and with the responsible people involved in the realisation of the project.

Thanks to the organization and consulting activity carried out by professionals of the field, and to the personal control of the project and costs, the Group is able to optimize costs and intervention time, with positive benefits on the process.

This programming effort reduces the unpredictability that most of the time is only due to chance, and allows the construction company to develop more efficient and effective actions.


This has two main fundamental management aims:

-having a single responsibility centre in charge of all the functions involved in the project

-joining the planning and control activities


In this field, the Inarco Group can offer services such as:

  • feasibility studies
  • assistance in business-planning
  • assistance in energy efficiency
  • assistance in the field of bio-building
  • energy management
  • domotic systems
  • project management
  • technical and legal assistance
  • management and promotion of the most complex building interventions


The I.G.C. srl – Impresa Generale di Costruzioni has been devised in order to dedicate a company branch exclusively to third parties works of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, prestige renovation and new constructions.

The main activities are:

  • building renovation
  • building ordinary and extraordinary maintenance
  • use of technology in the field of renewable energy
  • use of technologies in the field of automation and domotics
  • building activity in the field of bio-building
  • reinforced concrete works and similar
  • termographic, electric and plumbing analysis
  • sewage and plumbing works
  • renovations in general
  • excavation
  • removal and earth-moving works in general
  • agrarian, forestry and public green arrangement works
  • reclamation in general
  • urban planning works of any type, including primary and secondary works
  • renovation of artistic surfaces and archaeological sites




The Inarco Group, which has a long lasting relation with the public administration, has developed its own Know How for the realization of project financing. So in 2012 the Group has created the PE.PAR. srl for the planning, realisation and management of city car parking for the city of Pescia.



The Inarco Investments Limited, a real estate English company, has been created by the Inarco Group in order to expand its financial horizons to the international and European market. The Inarco Investmetns Limited owns flats, lofts and commercial areas on the Italian territory too.

Every estate is available both to rent and to buy.