S9 City was born thanks to the intervention of renovation of an area dedicated to the selling, which also included housing lots in the hamlet of Alberghi in Pescia. A new small city point located in a strategic position along an high-flow street and near schools, banks, postal office and well-integrated in the city.

A well considered and specific planning has allowed the preservation of the original volumes, spaces and structure, updating it to the modern construction techniques, improving the housing comfort. The interior spaces have been redesigned improving their distribution according to the new local and technological needs. The outer shell, of commercial funds too, has been endowed with insulation with thick panels, while the cover has been thermally and acoustically insulated with high density panels and high efficiency fixtures.

This urban complex is composed by a series of commercial, artisanal and directional funds of variable surface, with a wide external parking area with around 100 parking lots, both for private and public use.

The housing spaces are divided into 4 flats with a large surface provided with either 2 or 3 bedrooms, all of them with two bathrooms, balconies and with a surface of over 100,00 mq.

On the upper floor there are two spacious lofts of 250,00 mq each with terraces and panoramic loggia.

All the housing units have been built with high quality standards: top quality finishing, thermally insulated outer shell with top energy class, acoustic insulation, radiant floor heating, predisposition for AC system, high efficiency window fixtures and automatic blinds, all managed by a domotic programme. 

A corner of tradition and technology wisely mixed in your city


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